Interested as application partner?

Currently we have various applications in our pipeline (under development). During the demonstration phase in 2018/9 we will test with selected partners. If you are interested, please contact us. The next stage of application development focuses on the following area’s:

(Marine) biodegradability

– agriculture (mulch foils, similar concepts)
– aquatic applications
– controlled release applications


– amorphous -> impact modifier in PLA
– hydrophilic -> modifier/plasticizer in other applications (fossil based plastics)

Tested applications

We have tested the technology on pilot scale with success. Technology is only valuable when designed for a market. Therefore the pilot had a strong focus on the determination of the product properties and control of these properties. With this knowledge as a basis we tested PHARIO PHA for several applications. The produced PHA was for instance used for injection moulding and film blowing in collaboration projects with SME and large companies (some examples below give an impression).