Investor proposition: Public Private Partnership

The PHARIO consortium welcomes strategic investors to jointly expand the Phario technology to the next level. The project has been developed by several Dutch Water Authorities (DWA) and some other partners. The pilot was concluded succesfully with promising technical results and a sound business case. The next stage will be a demonstration facility (decision Q1 ’18 ) to perform trials with customers. After that a commercial reference facility (approx 5.000 MT PHA/y) is planned.

The current lead partners and IP owners are public authorities. We are looking for complimentary industrial partners. Typical roles for the ‘entrepreneur’ are:

  • (co) invest in the demonstration and/or commercial reference facility
  • operate the facility (focus on drying, extraction, optionally: accumulation)
  • developing and selling the PHA to the market
  • optimise the value chain, further cost reductions

The partners (DWA) can add value to that partnership:

  • long term supply contracts for the activated sludge, before or after PHA accumulation (stable quality and prices)
  • site locations (on/nearby current sludge incineration facilities) and cost-efficient utilities (steam, waste water treatment, residual incineration)
  • acting as launching customer for functional PHA containing products (involving purchasing departments of DWA)
  • access to Intellectual property of the process, currently owned by Stowa (foundation for applied water research for the DWA), by licensing or other mechanisms

We are open to public private partnerships such as joint ventures or other collaboration models.

If you have any questions or need more information? Please contact us.